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The Pose Method® is a simple and comprehensive bio-mechanical model which eliminates injuries and enables every runner from novice to elite to fully utilize their physiological potential.


With the Pose Method® you will have the know-how and the tools to help you take your athletes & clients to the next level of athletic performance and to avoid injuries. Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to teach correct running technique safely and effectively to anyone of any level. Flexibility and mobility routines for runners are introduced on the second day of the course.


Participants will learn to apply the principles in training themselves and others to increase running specific strength, agility and perception – all of which improve running performance.


If your clients are professional or recreational runners, or if they participate in an athletic activity that involves running (which would include the majority of athletic activities), then whether you’re a Physical Therapist, a Sports Doctor or a Coach – this Certification is for you!


Developed by two-time Olympic Coach Dr. Nicholas S. Romanov in 1977, the Pose Method® is a simple and comprehensive biomechanical model that can be applied to any human movement to help eliminate injuries and improve training and competitive performance. For decades, running coaches around the world have declared the Pose Method® the best bio-mechanical model for enabling all athletes to reach their physiological potential. During the 2-day certification course you will learn:

• Simplify learning the technique of running

• Easily identify technique errors that lead to injuries and poor performance

• Confidently use effective drills and exercises to correct the errors in technique

• Prevent potential injuries with better body positioning

• Achieve better performance and better results

• Ensure stable progress with a methodical approach


Wieland Heiser, Master Coach Pose Method


"After leaving the national archery team, I run simply to relax, and, naturally to keep myself fit and in good shape. Here and there, I ran a few 5k and 10k races. Then, years later, a friend asked me, if I would like to run a marathon with him. I considered this for a while and finally, agreed to join him. So, not only did I have a new goal, I had re-kindled my competitive spirit. Half a year later, I ran my first marathon, finishing with a 'big smile'. Since then, I have run ten 42k's and many halfmarathons, not to mention, shorter competitions.

Running has always been a key component of my numerous sports activities, but was always considered simply a good way to stay in shape between these activities. In the summer 2007, a knee injury forced me to take an involuntary break for more than three months. I had previously heard of and read about the Pose Method® of running and always was curious to try this running technique. Unfortunately, I was always hesitant to squeeze in a "new method" between my competitions. So, this injury was actually a "blessing in disguise" and definitely THE "changing point" in my running career!


Once my knee had healed, I started instantly with drills & runs. I quickly discovered how convincing the benefits of Pose Method® were, and, more importantly, how much less the impact on my knee's and achilles tendon this method afforded. This was a "a-ha" moment in my start-up phase with Pose Method®. Nicholas Romanov and his Pose Method® gave me the chance to continue and compete in marathon without any further injuries! I wanted to share all this experience and knowledge that other people can benefit from this. I continue to spend lots of work in mastering and teaching the Pose Method® in the right way."



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